General Safety and Operating Procedures:
This information may not cover every question concerning your rental, so please feel free to call us at (678) 948-5867 with any further questions.

Safety & Operation

If possible, the inflatable should be staked in the ground for safety. If staking is not possible, weights will be required instead of stakes. Location Set-up and surface conditions are the responsibility of the customer, and must be clarified upon placing a reservation. Once the location has been decided, we will not modify it once en route to the event. We are not responsible for damage to underground sprinklers, cabling and/or utilities. Customers can call for information regarding utility locations by dialing 811.
Yes, with proper permitting. The customer will be responsible for securing permission and/or permits for rental equipment placed in parks or other public locations. Proof of insurance may be required and should be requested at least 3 business days prior to the event.
Each inflatable has a maximun weight limit and occupant capacity listed on the saftey information panel typically near the entrace of the unit. The rental agreement and rules for operation will be provided to you at time of delivery and will state the number of users allowed on the equipment. Adult supervision is required for safe operation of any inflatable unit.
Adult supervision is required at all times. Never leave the Inflatable unattended or unwatched. Most Inflatables only allow 4-5 Guests on the Inflatable at a time. (Check Inflatable Instructions) Guest must remove shoes, pocket items, glasses, jewelry, etc. Diving and flipping are strictly prohibited. No back flips, roughhousing, horseplay or bouncing against walls. Guests should not take unnecessary risks. No food, drink, or gum on or in the inflatable. The Inflatable should not be operated if winds exceed 20 mph. The Inflatable should not be used in rain or lightning conditions.
Yes, units can be set up inside or out! You will need to have a ceiling clearance height of about 18’-20’ to allow for most inflatables. They cannot be set up near hot lights, fire prevention equipment, air conditioning vents, or any fire hazard. Most gyms, event halls, churches, malls, or locations should have suitable space.
Immediately call us at 678-948-JUMP with any concerns regarding personnel or equipment. In case of a emergency, dial 911. Power failure is the primary source of inflatable failures. Should the blowers provided to you stop working, immediately remove the persons playing in or on it. Then check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If the circuit breaker has tripped, try to identify and isolate any other equipment from the circuit before resetting the breaker.
Our inflatables are inflated using enclosed electric blower units that are powered by a standard 110 volt, 20 AMP, three-prong electrical outlet. Each blower draws roughly 9-10 Amps (1,000 -1,100w) and the arenas use multiple blowers. Electricity is needed within 100 feet of the inflatable. These motors run constantly to keep the unit inflated so constant ample power will be required. Other event equipment should not be placed on the same power source. The blower units are powered by a standard 110 volt, 20 AMP, three-prong electrical outlet. Each machine requires between 7-11 Amps (900-1,300w). A generator may be used to power the units if sufficient outlets/power is not available.
Yes, our rentals are constructed with quality and safety in mind! All units are constructed from commercial grade vinyl, with double stitching and are fire retardant. Each unit is cleaned and inspected after every rental and are routinely sanitized. We are committed to making sure you have a clean, healthy, and safe rental experience.
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